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Tips for Daily Living

5 Tips to Cope with Boredom during Coronavirus

By now, millions of people in the world are practicing shelter-in-place measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on individual and environmental factors, each person is coping with this differently. For some, it has felt like a relief to escape certain stressors, and an opportunity to practice self-care. For others, this has posed an unusual […]

Tips for Daily Living

Goal-Setting in the New Year

As the holiday season comes to a close and the new year rolls around, people are often faced with questions about New Year’s resolutions. For some, the answers to these questions are easy – they’ve thought a while about a goal, and mapped out exactly how and when to achieve it. For others, however, there […]


Fostering Your Child’s Self-Control

For children who are overrun by impulses, their behavior is significantly affected – blurting out the answer before they’re called on, shoving to get to the front of the line, or throwing things in the face of disappointment are just a few examples of negative outcomes. While some kids are capable of stopping and considering […]

Woman sitting at her computer feeling stress and anxiety and wondering "What is high-functioning anxiety?"
Stress TherapyTips for Daily Living

Turn Down Your Stress Level

I’ll admit, I’m stressed!! I have a Type A, very driven, perfectionistic personality. Although I strive to be what Brene Brown calls a “good-enoughist” rather than a perfectionist, I have not mastered this yet. Recently, I’ve been more stressed than usual. My husband has been traveling with work, my son recently finished playing for two […]


Tips for Accentuating the Positive (and Eliminating the Negative) with Your Child

Complaining. It’s in our nature, and who’s to blame us? Most of us deal with a lot of stress and, often times, citing complaints helps us process that stress before we’re able to move on with a more positive mindset. The ability to rationally move on from stress, however, is much trickier for children. As […]

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