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Trauma Counseling
in Marietta and Roswell

Evidence-based trauma therapy to help you reclaim your life. Our trauma therapy services offer a safe and supportive environment for individuals to process their past traumatic experiences and heal.

trauma therapy and counseling in marietta and roswell
trauma therapy and counseling in marietta and roswell

Finding Balance and Hope after Trauma

Do you feel like your body and mind are constantly sounding an alarm without the presence of an apparent threat? Are you constantly struggling with negative or catastrophic thinking - preventing you from remaining in the present moment?

Experiencing trauma can have a lasting impact on your life, leaving some pretty deep scars that affect how you see yourself, how you operate daily, and how you feel overall. At Awaken Counseling, we want to help you navigate the trauma, awaken you to the impact of the trauma, and help you begin to cope effectively. We want to provide the guidance and support necessary for healing, and we want to help you discover a sense of calm, well-being, and hope.

Our trauma therapists will help you find balance and reclaim your life in the aftermath of trauma.

Overcoming the Isolation with Trauma Therapy

Trauma's reach extends far beyond the initial event. It can ripple through every part of your life. Experiencing trauma can challenge your beliefs, negatively impact your emotions, and make it difficult to find your footing again. Trauma may leave you feeling very isolated, and you may struggle to feel “normal” after the trauma.

In addition to the profound effects trauma can have on our beliefs, emotions, and daily functioning, it's important to recognize that sometimes we may not even realize we've experienced trauma.

Whether we've witnessed traumatic events or grew up in environments where trauma occurred, it can become normalized to us, making it difficult to identify the impact it has had on our lives. This normalization can lead to feelings of isolation and a struggle to perceive what is "normal."

Through trauma therapy, we aim to break through this isolation, providing a safe space for exploration and healing. We're here to offer support and guidance as you navigate the journey from pain to healing, helping you regain a sense of control over your life.

Our Approach To Therapy

Our trauma therapy can help you heal from the wounds of trauma. Our approach involves:

Exploring the Trauma: Through a holistic and specialized approach, we explore the roots of your trauma, using evidence-based techniques tailored to your needs. Together, we'll look at the emotional triggers and patterns that the trauma may have created. We can help you reframe the traumatic experience and help you make sense of it.

Building Resilience: Our approach will equip you with tools and coping strategies to manage the impact of trauma, helping you adapt and feel more in control of your life. Our trauma therapy can help you learn to replace any negative or distorted thoughts that arise and find ways to reconnect to people around you.

Restoring Calm and Peace: Our goal is to guide you toward restoring calm and balance, so that you can finally turn off the constant "alarm" and experience a sense of peace. In a safe and comforting environment, trauma therapy can help reduce irritability, frustration, and anger, and restore peace of mind. It can also help eliminate any symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Holistic and Comprehensive Trauma Therapy

Trauma's effects can impact every layer of your being:

Mind: We use evidence-based modalities such as Rapid Resolution Therapy, Emotional Pain Intervention, and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction to address the impact of trauma. Our therapists are trained to help you overcome intrusive thoughts, self-doubt, and confusion, promoting clarity and a sense of control.

Emotions: Using techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), we can help you reframe negative thoughts, beliefs, and ideas related to the trauma and address some of the intense emotions that arise from trauma or PTSD symptoms.

Body: Understanding the impact of trauma on the body, our trauma therapists use techniques to address the physical aspects of trauma. Through a combination of therapy modalities and body-focused interventions, we assist you in releasing trama that has been stored in your body.

Specialized OCD and PTSD Treatment: Additionally, our team includes a specialist in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) who is proficient in Exposure Therapy for co-occurring OCD and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Through techniques like Prolonged Exposure (PE), we help clients through structured exercises to gradually confront and process traumatic experiences.

The trauma made you feel alone.
But you don’t have to face it alone.

We want to help you improve your emotional well-being and find healing in the aftermath of trauma. We wholeheartedly believe in your capacity to heal, grow, and thrive.

Frequently Asked Questions About Trauma Therapy

Got questions? We've got answers. Check out our FAQ to discover our most commonly asked questions before getting started.

Trauma refers to the emotional and psychological impact of distressing events, often leading to lasting effects on an individual's well-being.

The length of therapy can vary depending on what you want to work on and the severity of your symptoms. Therapy is not a quick fix, but the more you put into it, the more you will see how helpful and valuable it can be in impacting your quality of life. We encourage you to remember that everyone is unique and is encouraged to go at their own pace during trauma therapy. 

Brain-Based Hypnotherapy helps by targeting the subconscious patterns created by trauma. For instance, if you experience chronic stress and anxiety from a past traumatic event, this therapy can reprogram your subconscious mind to reduce these automatic stress responses.

A hypnotherapist can guide you in a deep state of focused relaxation to help you readily make changes in your thought processes and reframe thoughts to cope with the trauma. As a result, you maintain a calmer state with less anxiety. 

Our trauma therapists do offer treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Our trauma therapists help individuals with PTSD by using specialized techniques such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and exposure therapy, to address symptoms, process traumatic experiences, and eliminate triggers of PTSD. 

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