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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Treatment in Marietta and Roswell

What is DBT Therapy?

DBT treatment was developed by Marsha Linehan, Ph.D. Research shows that many people benefit from DBT, including people who…

Have chaotic, painful lives

Often feel depressed or hopeless

Feel empty

Feel impulsive

Feel out of control of their behavior

If you are struggling to create positive change, our professional therapy services can show you how DBT therapy can help. It addresses the root cause of the issues you are struggling with and offers specific skills to help you stay in the present moment, tolerate distress, and regulate your emotions.

What skills are taught in DBT?

There are four sets of skills that are discussed in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy or DBT:

Mindfulness: being able to judge yourself and your surroundings in a non-judgmental way and becoming aware of physical and mental triggers that cause emotions.

Distress Tolerance: dealing with painful emotions and tolerating the distress associated with them.

Emotion Regulation: recognizing when an emotion is unproductive and trying to change it to a more productive emotion.

Interpersonal Skills: learning to communicate more effectively and becoming comfortable saying no.

What are the benefits of DBT treatment?

Some of the benefits of DBT include:

  • DBT is effective in treating a wide range of mental health issues such as borderline personality disorder, self-harm, PTSD, substance use disorder, depression, eating disorders, and anxiety.
  • DBT improves your relationships by improving your communication, teaching you how to respect boundaries, and helping with addressing conflict.
  • The DBT skills learned in therapy can help improve your self-esteem, increase your ability to cope with stress and help you achieve your personal goals.
  • By fostering balance, acceptance, and meaning, DBT has a positive impact on overall life satisfaction.

What is unique about Awaken’s approach to DBT therapy?

At Awaken Counseling, our approach to Dialectical Behavior Therapy is distinctive in its personalized and client-centered nature. What sets us apart is that we tailor the treatment to meet the unique needs of each individual. We believe in taking the time to truly understand our clients – delving into who they are, empathetically exploring their experiences, and identifying their goals.

Unlike adhering strictly to a predefined DBT regimen, we use a flexible and integrative approach. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all solution but we create a treatment plan that is tailored to each client. We recognize that clients come to us with diverse backgrounds, challenges, and goals, and they need a flexible approach.

In our DBT approach, we use a blend of therapeutic techniques. While drawing from the proven effectiveness of DBT skills, we may also integrate elements of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), active listening, client-centered therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy. This approach allows us to address the unique aspects of each client's situation and is part of our comprehensive and tailored approach to treatment.

Our DBT Treatment Approach is...

Evidence Based

Our therapists are trained in proven, evidence-based methods so you can create real change.


Real change can’t be compartmentalized. We get to the root of your issues and treat the whole person.


Smaller caseloads ensure you receive the individualized attention you need to become the best you.

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