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Counseling for Teens
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Guiding teenagers toward a brighter, more confident future with our comprehensive teenage counseling services and expert teen therapists

teenage counseling services

Is your teen experiencing bumps on the tricky path between childhood and adulthood?

The teenage years are filled with emotional whirlwinds. As they face the pressures of demanding schoolwork, evolving friendships, and looming life transitions, it's not uncommon for teens to feel anxious, stressed, and confused. Layer in the complexities of today's digital world and dealing with the daily challenges can be frustrating and even feel insurmountable for parents.

But just as every teen is unique, so too is their journey. At Awaken Counseling, we offer a wide range of teen therapy services including anxiety treatment for teens, counseling for depression, and therapy to help with issues such as self-esteem and peer relationship problems. We provide a safe space for adolescents to voice their struggles and discover a path toward a happier and more functional day-to-day.

Understanding Teenage Turmoil

As parents, you might notice your teenager withdrawing, concealing behaviors, or responding with the familiar phrase "I don't know" when questioned about their emotions. During these times, counseling for teens can be invaluable in identifying the underlying causes of these behaviors. While it's natural for teens to seek independence from their parents, our teen therapists can identify any deeper issues and offer the support and direction needed.

By creating a safe and supportive environment, we empower teens to share their concerns, explore their feelings, and create a path toward a brighter future. At Awaken Counseling, your teen will find:

  • A listening ear that genuinely cares and understands the teenage world and the pressures of growing up in East Cobb
  • A guide to help them develop the ability to resist peer pressure and make informed decisions
  • Strategies to manage school pressures, social dynamics, and cultivate a healthy sense of self
  • Tools to foster self-awareness, resilience, assertiveness, and a sense of purpose
  • Guidance to enhance communication skills and build healthy relationships to help them thrive in various aspects of life

Issues We Can Address in Counseling for Teens

Whether it's navigating family conflicts, tackling academic pressures, or dealing with low self-esteem or body image, our therapist for teens are trained to address a broad spectrum of issues teens face today:

Our Therapeutic Approach for Teens

Teen Specialists: Our therapists are experts in adolescent challenges and dynamics. They understand the unique developmental stages and emotional struggles teens face, providing counseling tailored to their needs.

Empathetic and Judgment-Free: We provide a space where teens can openly share without fear. Our teen therapists listen with empathy, ensuring that every teen feels understood and giving them a space to openly discuss issues they may not feel comfortable sharing with anyone else.

Personalized Guidance: We customize treatment to address each teen's unique challenges. We incorporate evidence-based techniques such as CBT or DBT to teach skills that result in lasting change.

Evidence-Based Techniques: We utilize strategies that are proven to equip teens with critical life skills. We use tools that have been scientifically researched and proven to promote positive outcomes in behavior and well-being.

Collaboration: Parents are crucial allies in the therapeutic process. We put a great deal of effort into balancing the teenager's need for independence and confidentiality with the need to collaborate with parents to best support the teen's overall well-being.

Lasting Change: Beyond immediate challenges, we aim for enduring success. We want to make sure teens learn the tools and skills they need to thrive as they grow and continue to navigate changes and transitions throughout life.


Imagine a life where your teen…

  • Shifts from anxiety to self-assurance
  • Goes from feeling isolated to building meaningful connections
  • Replaces self-doubt with robust self-esteem
  • Discovers a purpose-driven direction amidst life's chaos
  • Gains the confidence to stand firm in making positive decisions, even in the face of peer pressure
  • Openly takes on new challenges, viewing them as opportunities for growth and development

But Maybe You're Not Sure If Teen Therapy Is Right For Your Teen...

If you're seeking therapy for your teen, it may be helpful to explore the idea of in-person therapy at a local private practice rather than doing therapy online. At our practice, we have noticed that teens tend to prefer doing therapy in the office rather than being seen virtually. While doing therapy virtually is likely better than no therapy at all, it is important to try to find an in-person provider if your teen is requesting to do in-person teen therapy sessions. 

According to statistics on teen depression, approximately 20% of American teens will struggle with depression at some point, with over 3 million adolescents (about 12.5% of the population aged 12 to 17) experiencing at least one major depressive episode. More than 2 million adolescents annually face major depressive episodes. Research indicates that teenagers are more vulnerable to depression than adults. At least one-third of depressed teens may develop substance use disorders as well.

Our therapists are trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and mindfulness, all proven effective for various teenage issues. Your teen will be paired with a counselor specializing in their specific struggles (e.g., teen depression, teen anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders, self-esteem).

It's common for teens to have some hesitancy when starting therapy. Our therapists have extensive experience working with teenagers and are skilled at understanding and addressing any nervousness or initial reluctance they may feel. We approach therapy in a nonjudgmental and empathetic way, which teens often find helpful. As they build rapport with their therapist, teens typically begin to enjoy their sessions and look forward to them. We're well-equipped to handle these concerns and support teens throughout their therapeutic journey.

Ready to help your teen navigate their world with confidence and resilience?

With guidance, patience, and understanding, every teen can craft their own success story.

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