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Marriage Counseling in Marietta and Roswell

Couples Therapy and Marriage Counseling Services to create deeper connection in your relationship

couples therapy marietta and roswell
Couples Therapy Marietta, GA

Relationships are not easy, and most couples could benefit from professional therapy services at times.

The stress of everyday life can be hard on relationships, especially the marriage relationship. Sometimes, couples find that despite their best efforts, they feel “stuck” and unable to resolve difficult issues. We work with couples by facilitating communication about “hot topic” issues, providing couples with skills to improve communication, helping couples problem-solve and negotiate, and helping partners understand each other.

Discover Closeness & Connection

By seeking couples therapy, you will gain insight into patterns and negative cycles within your relationship. Our relationship issues therapy can observe communication patterns and guide you in adjusting communication for greater effectiveness.

In couples therapy at Awaken, we ensure each partner feels heard by demonstrating techniques that foster validation while modeling effective communication techniques. We can assist you in addressing underlying issues causing problems in your relationship, and help you learn how to express your needs and get those needs met within your relationship.

Some of the Issues We Address in Couples Therapy

Our couples therapists treat a broad range of issues. We help couples with the following:

  • Anger and aggression
  • Blended families
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Feeling disconnected
  • Financial problems
  • How to communicate


  • Infidelity
  • Parenting problems
  • Problems with in-laws
  • Emotional and sexual intimacy
  • Stress
  • Withdrawal and isolation

How Marriage Counseling Makes a Difference

We provide the tools you need to navigate and overcome even the biggest relationship challenges.

  • Learn effective communication skills to navigate "hot topic" issues
  • Gain tools to manage stress collectively, creating a more fulfilling relationship
  • Address and heal from the impact of infidelity, rebuild trust, repair the relationship
  • Develop strategies to manage anger and resolve conflicts constructively
  • Re-establish emotional and sexual intimacy - gaining closeness and connection
  • Address parenting challenges, navigate problems with in-laws, and create a more balanced family life

Ready for a happier and
more fulfilled relationship?

Imagine a life where you…

  • Experience heightened intimacy, respect, and affection in your relationship
  • Cultivate more empathy and understanding for each other
  • Minimize criticism of each other
  • Feel a greater sense of fulfillment in your relationship, looking forward to time spent with your partner
  • Sense that your partner genuinely understands and empathizes with you
  • Encounter less criticism and contempt within your relationship
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