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Marietta Anxiety Therapist | Counselor for Anxiety in Marietta

About the Practice

Marietta Therapists Serving You with Expertise, Empathy, and Evidence-Based Care

Awaken Counseling is a group of expert licensed therapists committed to providing the personalized care you deserve. Life’s challenges can be scary, but you don’t have to face them alone: We’re here to guide you towards a more fulfilling life and help you create lasting change.

At Awaken Counseling, we don’t take the power of the therapeutic relationship lightly. Our dedicated team of specialized therapists ensures you’ll be matched with someone who holds deep expertise in your area of need, and our commitment to smaller caseloads means you’ll receive the time and attention you deserve. Our cozy office feels warm and inviting, providing an environment where clients feel safe and comfortable to open up — a crucial component of the therapy journey.

As large, corporate group practices that rely on a revolving door lineup of therapists and impersonal, venture capital-backed therapy services begin to dominate the mental health space, we remain guided by our mission: to serve our community by providing individualized and impactful therapy that helps our clients create lives full of joy, purpose and meaning.

Our Approach is...

Evidence Based

Our therapists are trained in proven, evidence-based methods so you can create real change.


Real change can’t be compartmentalized. We get to the root of your issues and treat the whole person.


Smaller caseloads ensure you receive the individualized attention you need to become the best you.

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