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4 Tips for Managing Social Anxiety

Interacting with other people can be easy for some. But for others? Not so much. And it’s not always because of shyness. Sometimes it’s about something stronger, more severe. Shyness is temporary. But when you experience real fear, when you constantly worry whether you’re being watched or judged by the people around you, then you’re […]

Reduce conflict in a relationship
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What Healthy Conflict in a Relationship Looks Like

How to solve conflict in a relationship is a necessary skills for all relationships. Conflict is a normal part of a relationship, but not every way of handling conflict is appropriate or helpful. In a relationship, it’s important to handle conflict in a productive way. You want to resolve conflict as a team. But, the […]

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Why Is Anxiety Worse at Night for Some?

Anxiety is something unfortunately common. It’s an uncomfortable feeling that can show up at any time during the day, sometimes reasonably so and sometimes not at all. But have you noticed that, sometimes, anxiety is much worse at night? You toss and turn, unable to sleep. No matter how much you try, you just can’t […]

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How Women Can Cope with Medical Trauma

Medicine is supposed to help you. Doctors and nurses are supposed to help you. But sometimes, they can cause harm too. Medical trauma is real. If you’ve experienced it, you probably struggle with anxiety or depression. Maybe you can’t sleep, and you avoid doctors as much as you can. You can’t stop thinking about what […]


How To Begin Recovering From Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma is what you’re left with when you experience a traumatic event. It’s what stays with you after you’ve experienced deep psychological harm, and it stays for a really long time. It affects every part of your life, too: home, school, work. You name it; emotional trauma can impact it. But that doesn’t mean […]

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How Can Childhood Trauma Fuel Chronic Pain?

Children should not have to experience trauma, but unfortunately, they do. Sometimes, they experience things like financial instability, their parents’ divorce, or even a parent’s death. In more extreme situations, they experience domestic violence or even sexual abuse. That kind of trauma doesn’t magically go away. It stays with you for a very long time, […]

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What to Expect When Starting Therapy

When starting therapy, it is common to feel a bit anxious and to not know what to expect. Psychotherapy, also known as therapy or counseling, is a treatment used to help individuals overcome various emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Therapy should be a safe and nonjudgemental space where you can openly express your thoughts, […]

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Struggling to Sleep? How to Relieve Nighttime Anxiety

Do you have a hard time sleeping at night? No matter how many times you toss and turn in your bed, you just can’t fall asleep. Instead, you’re wide awake, mind racing with fears and worries about the past, the present, and the future. If you struggle with nighttime anxiety, falling asleep may seem like […]

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What Skills Do Teens Need for Adulthood and How Can You Help Build Them?

As parents, we want to make sure our children are prepared for adulthood. We want them to be ready for whatever challenges they may face when they’re on their own. There are a lot of things we want them to know, of course. And it’s easy to get our priorities mixed up. After all, everything […]

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How to Prioritize Yourself with a Newborn

Being a new parent is an exciting experience, but it’s also incredibly exhausting. Taking care of a newborn is not easy work. It’s normal to find that you barely have any time for yourself now, and it’s overwhelming. But it’s possible to prioritize yourself on occasion, even as a new parent. And, in all honesty, […]

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