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How Long Does Postpartum Anxiety Last?

Would you say you’re someone who worries a lot? Even before you gave birth to a child? We all have things we worry about, some of us more than others. But there’s a big difference between worrying and having anxiety. Postpartum anxiety is a specific type of anxiety that you might develop after pregnancy. Unlike […]

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Stress Therapy

Do You Dread Valentine’s Day?

Do You Dread Valentine’s Day? For some people, Valentine’s Day is a day of love and excitement. For others, Valentine’s Day can be hard and can bring up feelings of sadness, loneliness, or loss. If you aren’t in love with the idea of Valentine’s Day, here are three practical tips for dealing with Valentine’s Day: […]

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7 Ways to Improve Your Mood with Food

If you are looking to improve your mood with food, look no further! Don’t worry this isn’t another recommendation for a cleanse or some kind of diet that only allows for milk that’s been squeezed from oats or better yet squeezed from Italian, organic goats (full disclosure: I might be into the whole goat thing). […]

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5 Ways To Reduce Anxiety Without Medication

Ever wondered why some people choose to reduce anxiety without medication? Anxiety is a defense mechanism meant to keep us safe from harm. But similar to an alarm system, using medication to mask anxiety can be like taking the batteries out of your smoke detector.  This solution may end the annoyance of the beeping, but […]

Tips for Daily Living

5 Tips to Cope with Boredom during Coronavirus

By now, millions of people in the world are practicing shelter-in-place measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Based on individual and environmental factors, each person is coping with this differently. For some, it has felt like a relief to escape certain stressors, and an opportunity to practice self-care. For others, this has posed an unusual […]

Tips for Daily Living

Goal-Setting in the New Year

As the holiday season comes to a close and the new year rolls around, people are often faced with questions about New Year’s resolutions. For some, the answers to these questions are easy – they’ve thought a while about a goal, and mapped out exactly how and when to achieve it. For others, however, there […]


Fostering Your Child’s Self-Control

For children who are overrun by impulses, their behavior is significantly affected – blurting out the answer before they’re called on, shoving to get to the front of the line, or throwing things in the face of disappointment are just a few examples of negative outcomes. While some kids are capable of stopping and considering […]

Woman sitting at her computer feeling stress and anxiety and wondering "What is high-functioning anxiety?"
Stress TherapyTips for Daily Living

Turn Down Your Stress Level

I’ll admit, I’m stressed!! I have a Type A, very driven, perfectionistic personality. Although I strive to be what Brene Brown calls a “good-enoughist” rather than a perfectionist, I have not mastered this yet. Recently, I’ve been more stressed than usual. My husband has been traveling with work, my son recently finished playing for two […]


Tips for Accentuating the Positive (and Eliminating the Negative) with Your Child

Complaining. It’s in our nature, and who’s to blame us? Most of us deal with a lot of stress and, often times, citing complaints helps us process that stress before we’re able to move on with a more positive mindset. The ability to rationally move on from stress, however, is much trickier for children. As […]

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