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Mental Health Guest Speaker Topics

Speaking Engagement and Workplace Wellness Webinar Topics 2024

Post Covid: Learn to Love Being Social Again

  • Why we are wired to connect
  • The pros and cons of pulling back from social activities
  • Why we all may be experiencing more social anxiety
  • How to enjoy socializing again and improve your social skills


How to Be Mentally Well in a Tech-Driven World

  • Understand how social media impacts your brain health
  • Sorting out your relationship with tech: What is motivating you to stay looped in?
  • Decrease distraction and increase mental wellness: Finding ways to set healthy boundaries with your devices


How Sleep Routines Impact Your Brain

  • Understand the importance of sleep
  • Understand how sleep impacts mental health
  • Naturally, improve sleep without medication
  • Reduce sleep-depriving habits with behavior change exercises


The Impact of Exercise and Nature on Mood

  • Learn what science says about exercise when it comes to your mental health
  • Learn how to motivate yourself when you feel depressed, anxious, or low-energy
  • Learn about BDNF and what that means for your mood


Nutrition and Your Mood

  • Learn about an often overlooked component of mental health: the connection between food and mood
  • Learn what foods increase and more importantly, decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • How to make small changes in your diet that will improve your brain health and lead you to mental wellness


Changing Negative Thought Patterns

  • Understand your thoughts and how they impact behavior
  • Identify unrealistic and unhelpful thoughts
  • Learn to replace unhelpful thoughts with more balanced thoughts to reduce stress and improve mood


Work-Life Balance Part 1 and Part 2

  • How do we achieve work-life balance?
  • Can we even achieve it?
  • Learn to redefine what it means to have a balance
  • Achieve balance while navigating productivity, perfectionism, and busyness


Coping with Anxiety Part 1

  • Learn the difference between anxiety and clinical anxiety
  • Learn why the brain can so easily move into an anxious state
  • Understand why anxious thoughts can trigger a physical stress response
  • Understand the basics of neuroplasticity and how this can help you


Coping with Anxiety Part 2

  • Learn the basics of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as an effective tool to restore a calm and centered mind
  • Learn lifestyle modification tips to significantly reduce anxiety symptoms


Coping with Postpartum Issues Part 1

  • Learn the difference between baby blues and postpartum depression
  • Learn what makes women more susceptible to a postpartum diagnosis
  • Understand why a previous postpartum diagnosis does not indicate that a woman will necessarily experience this again
  • Learn about diagnoses not often discussed in the postpartum period


Coping with Postpartum Issues Part 2

  • Learn to cope with a postpartum diagnosis of any kind
  • Learn how to better support a partner in the postpartum period
  • Learn ways to help prevent the onset of a postpartum diagnosis


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