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We are moving! Beginning May 13th 2023, our new office address will be 3855 Shallowford Road, Suite 515, Marietta GA 30062.

In 2020, the world went through monumental changes. The coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) led to social distancing in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. This distancing put our needs as humans to have social connection at an all-time high.

Fortunately, phone and video psychotherapy (also known as teletherapy, telemental health, or telehealth) became commonly used during the pandemic as way to allow therapists to help their clients without being face-to-face.

Here at Awaken Counseling, we now offer face-to-face therapy as well as phone and video psychotherapy. Most insurance plans are covering phone and/or video sessions. We use a secure, HIPAA compliant platform for our video sessions, and the platform is easy to access and user friendly. You can access our platform using your phone, tablet or computer.

If you are interested in a phone or video session for psychotherapy, give us a call at 678-310-0358 or shoot us an email at

Online counseling by video or phone is available