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Mental Wellness Class Series

Presented By: Danielle Hajdini

I firmly believe knowledge is power and when women gain insight they spread it like wildfire. I believe this is why women will change the narrative around mental health. After 15 years of practice and intense research, I found there was a gap in mental health services. Very few were talking about mental wellness or prevention or addressing the obvious blindspots in traditional mental health treatment like nutrition and exercise.


I am an advocate for therapy but I am also an advocate for education. That is why I am so thrilled to invite you to join me for our limited education series:  A Map To Mental Wellness where you will have the opportunity to work with me online in a small class setting.


In this 5-week course, you will learn about the connection between healthy lifestyle choices and brain health and how you can apply this information to your everyday life. I promise there are no fad diets or breathing-only techniques. It’s science-backed evidence put into daily practice. Each week in our 60-minute class we will cover a new topic:


Week One: Nutrition What you eat can impact your mood! Review the latest in research linking diet and brain health. Learn what foods may reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and what foods actually contribute to poor mental health. I’ll teach you easy swaps, provide you with resources and cover simple cooking ideas.


Week Two: Exercise/Nature: Let’s discuss the implications of exercise on the brain. Heard of BDNF? Or why it might be important to you? I’ve got you covered. Depression can sometimes make it difficult to motivate – learn how to make small changes that have a substantial and lasting impact. I’ll present options for movement that work for anyone and you will finally feel like you have some control back over your behavior. And, of course, we will throw in why nature works so well for us humans.


Week Three: Sleep Routines You can improve those sleep patterns even if you have had difficulty most of your life. I’ll introduce some new ideas, review oldies but goodies and address some issues that may go unnoticed when it comes to poor sleep hygiene. We will come at it from every angle because it requires every angle.


Week Four: Connection/Social Media We will discuss the impact of social media on your mental health especially when it comes to your ability to focus, the increase in anxiety and depressive symptoms, avoiding the comparison rabbit hole and those hard to handle isolation behaviors. More importantly, we will emphasize all of the benefits of real-life connection.


Week Five: Addressing Negative Thought Patterns As a cognitive behavioral therapist, this is my specialty. There is nothing I love more than teaching others the methods I use to reframe negative thoughts and reduce those troubling, persistent unwanted thoughts. I will cover thought immersion techniques, hand utilization methods, breathing techniques as well as give you insight into how anxious thoughts impact your body. Retraining your brain is what it is all about!


For more information about Danielle’s Mental Wellness Class Series, please email us at

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  • Nutrition
  • Exercise/Nature
  • Sleep Routines
  • Connection/Social Media
  • Addressing Negative Thought Patterns

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