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Marietta Licensed Professional Counselor

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Kristina Murr
678-310-0358 Ext. 2000

Areas of Specialty

Anxiety & Worry

Chronic Pain & Medical Challenges

Relationship Dynamics

Pregnancy & Postpartum Issues

Executive Functioning


Licensure and Education

Licensed Professional Counselor

Clinical Professional Counselor Supervisor

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Georgia Southern University

Masters in Clinical Psychology, Georgia Southern University



Certified Professional Clinical Supervisor

Certified 1, 2, 3 Magic Trainer

Hypnotherapy w/ Memory Reconsolidation (Level One of Certification)


Professional Associations

LPCA of Georgia

Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Member of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

I’m Kristina, the owner of Awaken Counseling and a Licensed Professional Counselor with more than 15 years of experience in the mental health space. Growing up with significant challenges and battling my own inner critic for decades, I experienced firsthand the life-changing impact that an experienced therapist can make. Now, I’m committed to offering clients the same beacon of hope that was given to me. It’s my goal to ensure that every interaction, from the very first contact to each session, feels warm, inviting and most importantly, impactful.


One of my areas of specialty is helping individuals learn to manage anxiety. If you’re currently struggling with anxiety, it may feel like it’s blocking you from being fully engaged in your life — but there is a path forward. We can’t always avoid anxiety and fear, but together we can help you discover new ways to respond to these emotions so you can become your bravest self.


Another area close to my heart is supporting individuals dealing with chronic pain and medical problems. Whether it’s chronic pain, trauma-related pain, or the challenges of navigating a difficult medical diagnosis, I get it. I get it on a level that only someone who has been through it can get it. We will work together to find your path towards relief.


Additionally, I have extensive experience working with individuals who are navigating pregnancy and postpartum issues. This unique and transformative time in life can come with its own set of emotional challenges and adjustments. I am here to help you establish a road map to achieving more balance and support during a time that can be pretty darn isolating.


My therapeutic approach is rooted in compassion, authenticity and practicality. We’ll work together to help you navigate life’s challenges, develop resilience and cultivate positive and lasting change. We’ll definitely laugh and occasionally we may cry, but above all, you will feel heard.


If you too are currently living with a harsh inner critic that never seems to be satisfied, know that you’re not alone. I’m here to help you put that voice to rest once and for all and replace it with one that speaks empathy, hope, and kindness so you can thrive.


More about me:

I grew up in Savannah Georgia and moved to Marietta in 2009. I have been married for 15 years and have two children. I love doing yoga and pilates and spending time with my family. 

One of my favorite places to refer people to! Everyone is treated with so much care and support from the time they schedule their appointment. I can always trust that my referrals will get what they need. Kristina and her team have created an amazing safe haven for those looking for genuine support! ❤️

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