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Individual Counseling

Individual therapy, or psychotherapy, is a process between therapist and client that helps facilitate change and improve quality of life. While some individuals seek counseling to learn ways to cope with issues such as depression or anxiety, others may seek counseling to gain additional support and a listening ear. If you have a problem or feelings of unhappiness that you have been unable to address on your own, you may be interested in Individual Therapy.

Couples Counseling

Couples therapy, or relationship counseling, is a form of counseling that uses a neutral party to mediate. Couples may seek counseling to improve communication and learn skills to improve their relationship, or couples may want help with big issues such as money, infidelity or in-laws. If you are looking for ways to enhance your relationship, you may be interested in Couples Counseling.

Child Counseling

Like adults, children can benefit from therapy. Play can be used in therapy with children to help children express thoughts and feelings. If your child is suffering from an emotional or behavioral problem or needs help coping with a difficult situation, you may be interested in Child Counseling.

Teen Counseling

As adolescents become more independent, they may begin to experiment with new behaviors that can become problematic. Counseling can help teens by reducing negative thought patterns, increasing positive behaviors, focusing on how they relate to others, and teaching them positive ways to cope. If your teen is showing signs of distress or asking for support, you may be interested in Teen Counseling.

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